Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The intent of this policy is to protect our site content — visiting our website constitutes an agreement to the below terms of use. In general, sharing memes with an attribution linkback is acceptable, but you agree to not alter, republish, or profit from Air Force Leader content in any form or medium without our explicit permission.

Content Publication

Air Force Leader reserves the right to moderate all contributor submissions for publication.

Content Ownership

We own the copyright to all published material on this site.

Comment Ownership

Air Force Leader does not own, nor do we copyright content that readers post in our comments. With that said, by posting comments on our site, you agree to authorize a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual license to Air Force Leader. This allows us to reserve the right for our contributors to republish, tailor, and use your input on future Air Force Leader articles.  We also reserve the right to republish comments through other forms of publication.

We withhold the authority to moderate and delete all comments at will. This includes, but is not limited to, remarks that are offensive, off-topic, or political in nature; or those that are flagged as such by other guests. Comments will also be deleted if, and when, a meme or this site expires.

Limitations of Liability

Air Force Leader is not responsible for the actions of others. We unequivocally disclaim liability — by contributing or commenting on our site, you agree to the above ownership terms and accept all accountability and legal responsibility for your statements and remarks.

Shared content should not be defamatory or derogatory in nature, nor should it infringe on another’s copyright or trademark, and while Air Force Leader will make every attempt and due diligence to confirm publications don’t violate these terms, the ultimate responsibility for the violation of a third party’s legal rights are on you. To re-emphasize, we are not liable for your actions.

Permitted Reuse

Memes may be freely distributed with a link back to Air Force Leader.

Reprints in non-commercial offline publications are allowed provided we are notified of said use and our copyright is left intact. Original or altered content may not be shared online without our explicit approval. And no deviations are ever accepted within our policy for sharing our content for commercial profit.

Policy Violation

Compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is taken seriously and action will be taken immediately for infringement issues from either contributing authors or republication by third parties to other websites and platforms.

We take others rights seriously and will not host stolen content. If we become aware of any copied content, this will result in an immediate ban from Air Force Leader.